Scheduling and Blogging Motivations

I’ve come up with a more permanent schedule for this blog. After today I’m posting 3 times weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wednesdays will still be reserved for “Weight Loss Wednesdays” while the other two are more flexible. Aside from my fitness goals and how to organize things, I eventually plan to showcase DIY projects.

This blog is an important hobby to me. By displaying my knowledge and way of life I’m expressing myself in a way I couldn’t do otherwise. This blog is also meant to be helpful to people who have trouble with staying motivated and organized. When I’m done with this weight loss it will prove to others that Joe Schmo really can lose weight without the help of fancy diets and pills. Just do what the doctor ordered.

And that’s all I really had to say. Tonight I weighed 196.4 lbs, but it’s night time and I have a full stomach so I’m not taking that seriously. I just know that I have to lose some weight before this Wednesday. Either this Friday or next Monday I plan on showcasing putting a hidden camera in my storage unit. Several of the other units were robbed by a now ex-employee at the storage company and I want to make sure there’s no funny business.

Anyways, fun times.