Diet Change

I’ve been having some health issues lately. Not the same kind as before with the back but rather with my digestive system. The doctor found ulcers in the small intestine. He thinks it might be Crohn’s Disease, but the diagnosis is inconclusive.

I’m used to dealing with things healthwise but this is different. I’ve decided to change my diet significantly, so the previous meal plans won’t work. I’m going to be using my blender a lot, and I’ve bought a food processor, juicer, and a whole lot of Mason jars.

It feels like I’m going to war, but if good health requires as much, then war it is.

Health Update 11/13/2019

This most recent checkup has been a relief. My leg hasn’t been as bad, and the doctor recommended a few weeks of physical therapy. I’m not getting an MRI just yet. He seems to think it should improve over a few weeks so we’re giving it time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start back weightlifting eventually.

Sciatic nerve pain is no joke. From now on I’m being extra careful at the gym. Gotta work up the weight slowly.