I’m Entering A Photography Competition

I’ve decided to enter my very first photography competition. I have no formal training in photography, so this is just going to be a fun “let’s just submit a few photos” kind of thing. I’ll probably have to find an area with some wildlife or something. If not that then I could just ask to be taken out onto a lake. Whatever the case, I’ve got to find a place to take some amazingly “unique” photos. I have a few weeks before I submit my entries to figure this out.

A few options are listed below:

  1. More photos from Paul B. Johnson State Park.
  2. The Biloxi Lighthouse and other historical landmarks.
  3. Ocean/Beach Photos.


With Paul B. Johnson State Park photos, if I’m going to do anything commercial with it beyond sharing it on a blog or Facebook or whatnot I am required to let the government know ahead of time. I’m not sure if this competition qualifies as there is technically a fifty dollar prize for winning so for any public space I’m going to let the local authorities know ahead of time. I’m also going to try to vary my photos. My biggest goal is to find some wildlife, but it’s not limited to anything in particular.

In any case, I’m considering this the next phase of my photography skills. If I don’t win I’m not going to sweat it, but if I win I’m probably going to consider this a major personal victory. Either way I’ll get to take some amazing photos.