Updates For 2/23/2020

Health Updates:

Good News: No Crohn’s Disease after all!

Bad News: Still have ulcers. Weight has reached nearly 200lbs. Tooth is hurting. It’s time to start back with weight loss and a smarter diet.


Book Updates:

Took a lot of writing breaks this week. Part laziness and part need to chill. Very little reading done for the same reasons. Joined Critique Circle.


Life Updates:

A family member is having health issues. Some of us visited yesterday. Not getting into any more details on this but hopefully things will get better for them.

Monday Night Pizza

I’ve decided to give myself one cheat meal per week on Monday nights. Typically this will probably consist of pizza. I can’t help myself. I need something to stave myself over every so often. I haven’t been following my diet as much as I should, so I’m going to also start keeping a food diary in OneNote.

Did I write this blog post after wolfing down most of a pizza? Haha yes I did.


Health Update 11/13/2019

This most recent checkup has been a relief. My leg hasn’t been as bad, and the doctor recommended a few weeks of physical therapy. I’m not getting an MRI just yet. He seems to think it should improve over a few weeks so we’re giving it time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start back weightlifting eventually.

Sciatic nerve pain is no joke. From now on I’m being extra careful at the gym. Gotta work up the weight slowly.

Core Exercises

I just wanted to share the core exercises I’m doing to strengthen my support. I’m not a doctor here or a pro fitness buff this is just what I do. There’s only three exercises here.

1. Leg Raises

This is where you grab a chinup bar or other support and lift your legs straight out in front of you. I tend to bend my knees if it hurts my back. Tonight I’m doing 85 of these, spread out over sets of 15 to 20.

2. Twisting Medicine Ball

This is where I hold a medicine ball to my chest while standing up straight and rotating side-to-side. Each twist counts as one rep. Tonight I’m going for a total of 300 reps. This one is easiest on my back and helps a surprising amount with stability.

3. Crunches

My back doesn’t feel like doing situps so I’m settling for crunches instead. It’s just basically a mini situp where your just raising your upper part of your body. If you can’t visualize this there are probably videos on YouTube but all of these exercises are pretty well-known. I used to do so many crunches as a kid at karate practice, and I thought they were so hard. As an adult I now realize just how easy these are (very). Tonight I might do only one or two hundred of these since they don’t really help that much with the lower back and that seems to be where the problem lies.


Again, I just wanted to share what I’m doing with others who might want to strengthen their core and you’re more of a weekend warrior type. This isn’t that hard-core, but it’s what I feel I can handle since this back pain started. I’m going a full week just doing this. Also, as a disclaimer here I’m not a pro or a doctor so ask one before you start on a new exercise routine. Anyways, I’m going to continue to persevere and strengthen my core while I take these anti-inflammatories the doctor gave me. If it doesn’t straighten out within a week I’m giving him another call and we’ll continue to figure out what’s wrong.

Getting Up At 4:30 Day 3

So today I woke up a little earlier than 4:30. This is probably the last day I’m doing this, at least for this week. That is unless I can get to bed earlier but who am I kidding? Most people nowadays are lucky to get to bed as early as I’ve been this week. We’ll see what I do tomorrow. If I’ve learned anything from this it’s that it feels good to have this kind of motivation. I can do pretty much whatever I want now for a couple of hours. I’ll probably have breakfast and look at my schedule.

Then I’ll probably go back to bed. Like I said yesterday, tomorrow I plan on at least getting up with the sun but not necessarily 4:30. We’ll see.