Updates For 2/23/2020

Health Updates:

Good News: No Crohn’s Disease after all!

Bad News: Still have ulcers. Weight has reached nearly 200lbs. Tooth is hurting. It’s time to start back with weight loss and a smarter diet.


Book Updates:

Took a lot of writing breaks this week. Part laziness and part need to chill. Very little reading done for the same reasons. Joined Critique Circle.


Life Updates:

A family member is having health issues. Some of us visited yesterday. Not getting into any more details on this but hopefully things will get better for them.

I’m Entering A Photography Competition

I’ve decided to enter my very first photography competition. I have no formal training in photography, so this is just going to be a fun “let’s just submit a few photos” kind of thing. I’ll probably have to find an area with some wildlife or something. If not that then I could just ask to be taken out onto a lake. Whatever the case, I’ve got to find a place to take some amazingly “unique” photos. I have a few weeks before I submit my entries to figure this out.

A few options are listed below:

  1. More photos from Paul B. Johnson State Park.
  2. The Biloxi Lighthouse and other historical landmarks.
  3. Ocean/Beach Photos.


With Paul B. Johnson State Park photos, if I’m going to do anything commercial with it beyond sharing it on a blog or Facebook or whatnot I am required to let the government know ahead of time. I’m not sure if this competition qualifies as there is technically a fifty dollar prize for winning so for any public space I’m going to let the local authorities know ahead of time. I’m also going to try to vary my photos. My biggest goal is to find some wildlife, but it’s not limited to anything in particular.

In any case, I’m considering this the next phase of my photography skills. If I don’t win I’m not going to sweat it, but if I win I’m probably going to consider this a major personal victory. Either way I’ll get to take some amazing photos.

Wandering Aimlessly Through Life

Well, sometimes life gives you lemons, and you can only make lemonade out of them. You can’t make Gatorade, Red Bull, or Slimfast out of that stuff. We can only do so much in with what we have.

What I’m trying to get at here is I’m cutting down on things. I can’t keep wandering around feeling aimless. I’m trying to do too much with too little time. I used to have a second blog. A “secret” blog that was really not very secret because there were at least three (I think) people who knew about it. I tried to write a book. I also did book reviews. Lo and behold, there are only 24 hours in the day and I have killed myself for so long I don’t even want to think about this. I cannot keep writing a book while keeping a day job. It’s too much for the faint of heart. I have learned my lessons on this.

I’m also cutting down on other things, like programming and so forth. It’s time I managed my time better. I need to sleep and eat too.

It just makes me kind of sad that I can’t do all the things I want to do. I feel like I missed out on so much in life. Maybe in the future I’ll have more time. I’m just mad that I can’t do it right now.

Monday Night Pizza

I’ve decided to give myself one cheat meal per week on Monday nights. Typically this will probably consist of pizza. I can’t help myself. I need something to stave myself over every so often. I haven’t been following my diet as much as I should, so I’m going to also start keeping a food diary in OneNote.

Did I write this blog post after wolfing down most of a pizza? Haha yes I did.


Getting Up At 4:30 Day 3

So today I woke up a little earlier than 4:30. This is probably the last day I’m doing this, at least for this week. That is unless I can get to bed earlier but who am I kidding? Most people nowadays are lucky to get to bed as early as I’ve been this week. We’ll see what I do tomorrow. If I’ve learned anything from this it’s that it feels good to have this kind of motivation. I can do pretty much whatever I want now for a couple of hours. I’ll probably have breakfast and look at my schedule.

Then I’ll probably go back to bed. Like I said yesterday, tomorrow I plan on at least getting up with the sun but not necessarily 4:30. We’ll see.