Getting Up At 4:30 Day 2

I’m about to go to sleep again. Literally. I think I will. It feels like I’m about to pass out Though oddly enough my back feels a lot better this morning. I suspect it’s all those core exercises I’m doing.

Today is also the first day of my new pill regimen. The regimen goes on for six days and is supposed to decrease inflammation, gradually decreasing the number of pills taken daily. If my back continues to get better with the core exercises and if these pills work I’m really hoping I won’t have any more back pain by the end of this week. And if I do it’s already been lessened somewhat. Truthfully, I’m not just thinking about pain I want my body to heal and fix the problem so I can do weightlifting again. I’m not one of those people who just want’s to “fix the symptoms”. I want to fix the problem.

Btw this is too early. I’m not sure I’ll keep to 4:30, though I’m going to try for at least one more day.

Workout Adjustment, Rehab, And A New Gaming Chair

A couple weeks ago I wound up hurting my back/leg. Everyone seems to think it was the sciatic nerve so tomorrow I’m going to call the doctor. In the meantime I’m going to slow down on the weightlifting and do more walking.

I’ve decided to dedicate evening workouts to rehab. I’ve had longstanding issues with my neck and back that need to be resolved long-term. I didn’t do the rehab routines on a regular basis and it’s time to start doing that.

In related news, I’ve gotten a new gaming chair to support myself.


Operation Boring

Yesterday was the first day of “Operation Boring”. That’s the name I’ve given to my decision to get off of Netflix and Hulu for a week. I can’t even guarantee it will last longer than yesterday, but I’m giving it my best effort.

The only reason I’m doing this is I’m tired of the constant mishmash of images that the system is sending to my brain. It’s time for a break. There’s other ways to stay entertained.